Ibiza Yoga retreat Sept 2019

15th Sep  – 20th Sep 2019

Villa 1 – Benirràs , Benirràs, Sant Joan de Labritja, Illes Balears, Spain
Hosted by Ananada Yoga Retreats Ibiza

Mandala Vinyasa, Meditation & Yin Yoga

With a fun loving spirit, Eirian ensures her classes are playful and accessible, creating a safe environment where students can move freely, reconnect to themselves and feel empowered through their practice.

Eirian teaches a mixture of Yoga styles from Vinyasa Flow – a beautifully creative, dance-like style that links movement with breath, to Yin Yoga – a slow, grounding, deeply meditative style of practice. Her Mandala model of Vinyasa Flow also works closely with Energetic Bodywork, Chakra and Elemental theories.

Finding the balance between Yin and Yang…

All forms of Yoga can be described as Yin or Yang based on which tissues of the body they target. A practice that focuses on exercising the muscles and moving blood is Yang. A practice that focuses on connective tissues is Yin. Cooling Yin Yoga is the perfect complement to the more fast paced, muscle contracting and blood pumping Yang like styles of Yoga, and an extremely subtle and profound practice on its own.

At the retreat the two styles of yoga will be intelligently blended together through a firm intention, such as an element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) or Chakra.


What is included

​5 nights full board in shared accommodation (private rooms are available at extra cost);

6 days practice – consisting of 3 hour daily workshops, combining breathing (pranayama), asana and mediation, and lighter evening Restorative / Meditation / Yoga Nidra; All levels welcome

All drinks and meals at the villa (locally grown, seasonal and nutritious and cooked in house) including:

Fresh juices and /or smoothies, teas, infusions, filtered water, drinks during meals;

Breakfast, lunch and evening meal with seasonal ingredients;

All day tea station and fresh fruit, afternoon ‘tea’ and late night healthy snacks;



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